DBA / Apps DBA Services

BPO Systems "Apps DBA Service" is a revolutionary new outsourced service for your Oracle Applications DBA needs. For clients who find themselves in need of a DBA to manage their Oracle system, or implement new modules for a short-term project, the "Apps DBA Service" offers a tremendous resource vs. a contract-to-permanent employee

Benefits of the "Apps DBA Service" from BPO Systems vs. Contract/Permanent Employment :

Strength in Numbers: The BPO Systems Oracle "Apps DBA Team" vs. the single employee Our pool of experienced, certified, and talented Oracle Apps DBA's provide a breadth of knowledge in Oracle Applications that is unmatched by any single employee. Working constantly on the latest Oracle releases, managing systems for multiple clients, and sharing technical knowledge and experience as a team allows our Apps DBA's to learn Oracle systems in multiple scenarios. This wealth of knowledge and experience is made available to you in the form of an "Apps DBA Service". Bringing this depth of experience to your Oracle system provides you with a best-of-breed solution for all of your Oracle Applications DBA needs.

True 24x7 Support The "Apps DBA Service" assigns 3.yes, 3 Oracle Apps DBA's to your account, available in a true 24x7 support role. Primary and secondary Apps DBA's work to maintain your Oracle system via remote administration, and onsite as needed. Your Oracle Applications are not subject to the availability of a single employee. Rather, they are backed by the support team of Oracle Applications gurus at BPO Systems.

Cost Savings of 30-40% When you add all the costs of employing an individual: Salary, Full Benefits, Training, Tax Liability, etc, it makes financial sense to seek outsourced solutions for certain business needs. Short-term Oracle project work is a perfect example. Why invest the time and effort it takes to find, hire, train, and manage a single employee for a short-term project, when an outsourced service staffed by certified experts will exceed the work of ANY single employee, at a lower cost? Not to mention the difficulty in simply finding a good Oracle DBA.

From a 6 month implementation project, to ongoing database tuning and patches, let BPO Systems relieve the pain of located, screening, hiring, training, and managing a new employee with our Oracle "Apps DBA Service".